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Daria Farc is a minimalist eveningwear brand based in London which offers a comfortable, easy and practical alternative to evening clothing. Clean lines, perfect fit and neutral shades define the brand's aesthetic.


Originally from Romania, Daria started her journey into fashion in her home country. Her graduation collection entitled SimpliCity is inspired by YSL's Mondrian Dress from the 60's. The collection features hand printed maps of various cities the designer has visited in her travels. Each outfit represents a specific city.


Daria furthered her fashion education through a Master's degree from Nottingham Trent University. Her MA collection called Vortex draws inspiration from the notion of Chakras, which are force centres said to channel energy into the body. They are represented by a spiral shape. The collection features fabric manipulation to achieve the vortex.


The brand's motto is 'BE MORE WITH LESS'


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